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Skolkovo Testimonials

Alexander Turkot, Executive Director, IT Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation

1.     What is the importance of cooperation with Israel for Skolkovo?

·         Israel's model of building technology of innovations within short period of time is absolutely unique. This is why adopting Israeli experience may bring very positive results into overall success of our very ambitious project. We can observe dozens of exclusive examples of successful Israeli companies, which grew up very quickly. We understood that there are no other places in the world with such a high percentage of successful usage of this unique model of developing innovative technologies and such a wide experience in implementing the innovations оn the ground. As a young, but vast and serious foundation we saw Israeli partners as one of our best choices.  

2.     What is the importance of IsraelSk Venture Fair in November? Do you think it will open new opportunities for both sides?

·         Venture Fair in November shall be first practical test of our mutual intentions. There is still a lot of things to be discussed and to be explained to each one of us. I believe that Venture Fair will help to find necessary answers for all the questions to all the participants. I'll be happy if  as a result we will see more Israeli startups found their partners within our project framework. I really believe that this kind of cooperation promises prosperity both to Israeli young, attractive technological companies and to us as a Venture Foundation seeking for reliable, long term partners. 

3.     How the IsraelSk Gateway was founded and what is behind this idea of Israeli partner of Skolkovo Foundation? Who are the people behind it? 

·         The idea of IsraelSk Gateway appeared when we became sure that Russian-Israeli cooperation is our priority. We started to look for Israeli partners. In Ariel University we found professional team with a large experience in the sphere of technological transfer and entrepreneurship. We got to know Mr. Zinigrad, Ariel R&D CEO, who helped us to find the best model for cooperation and our future partnership. That is why we call now for all Israeli startups, developing products in IT, Energy, Pharma and Medical Devices, to contact our Israeli partners in Ariel R&D and to participate in our business plan competition and, of course, in our first Venture Fair.  

4.     Can you advise to Israeli Start ups how can they promote their technologies to Skolkovo specialists?

·         Very simple - contact IsraelSK, and their experts will provide you with all necessary information. Otherwise, just enter the web page israelsk.com. I'll be glad to see more Israeli startups presenting their technologies to Skolkovo Foundation via Israel Skolkovo Gateway.