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Clients Testimonials

Jonathan Masel, Chief Executive Director, Inango Systems ltd, Israel

1.  Why did you decide to cooperate with Skolkovo Venture Foundation? Up till now, Russian-Israeli partnerships in technological sphere was pretty rare?

[JM] Inango already has a presence in Russia and Russian customers, so the market there is not new to us. We have an excellent team there of mostly young people, but with close cooperation and guidance from Israel, we find that we get excellent results together. The Skolkovo funding will help us strengthen the team there and bring more Inango products to international markets.
2. Could you please tell us about your cooperation with Israelsk Gateway, which connects Israeli Startups with Russian Foundation?

[JM] Dealing directly with the Russian organizations is difficult, even though Inango is already in Russia and many of our Israeli team speak fluent Russian. We find the introductions and support given to us by IG invaluable.

3. What is the importance of IsraelSK Gateway first Venture Fair? Do you think this event will start a new Israeli-Russian cooperation era?

[JM] I hope so - there is plenty of scope for Israeli-Russian cooperation. But fostering Israeli-Russian cooperation really needs to be a long-term and on-going effort.

4. How do you see the future partnership with Skolkovo? What are your expectations, what should the whole industry of Israeli Hitech expect from such sort of cooperation?

[JM] We have great hopes for our partnership with Skolkovo and look forward to a fruitful and long-term relationship. But we are still in our learning curve with them and should have a better perspective in a few months time.

5. Why Inango aims to focus on the Russian market?

[JM] We see excellent opportunities for our products there and have indeed identified Russia as our initial area of focus (though not the sole one). There is tremendous development taking place in Russia and the scope for rapid growth in hi-tech industries there is enormous. The market-place is also less crowded than many other growing areas. However, it is impossible to do this properly without local partnerships and this is part of what we hope Skolkovo to help us fill.